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Congratulations! Your wedding will be here soon. On this special day, you will make one of the most important promises in your life in front of your family and friends. This special time deserves special attention. Roca's Fashion Design is family-owned and operated.
Roca's Fashion Design outstanding selection of the latest formalwear, along with exceptional service and sensational pricing, has made it the leader it is today.

Roca's Fashion Design offers all your bridal, tuxedo and alteration services in one convenient location. These three departments work closely together to ensure that your dream day is unforgettable. So stop by Roca's Fashion Design for the best in service, savings and selection.

Basic or Minor Alterations Basic alterations can be done to shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, suits and bras. We also do repairs on bursting seams, patches, buttons, hems, waist, seat, sleeves, sides, zippers, tapering, straps and more.
Major Alterations These are alterations that people think as impossible. If you've lost, gained weight or even if you're in the process of losing weight, and you're thinking of getting rid of your clothes, let us help you save those clothes by doing things like: re-cuts on coats, pants, dresses, etc., taking in or letting out on numerous sides, blades, as well as resizing almost anything.
Custom Clothing If you're like millions of people who hate shopping, because you can't find what you're looking for when you need it, then you need to come to us with a picture, pattern, ideas and fabric, and we can custom make clothes for your everyday wear, as well as business attire.
Work Leather alterations not only cost more than normal clothes, it has become a lost art that we are proud to offer anyone needing zipper changes/replacements, sleeve adjustments, sides, patches and more.
Re-weaving , used to repair small holes in clothes, is also a lost art. Small holes caused by moths, cigarette burns or other mishaps that are not machine repairable can be fixed by our specialist who has over 20 years re-weaving experience.
Contact us today and speak with one of our professionals at 301-947-8149.

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